Sunday, August 16, 2009

On AY Live Abuja Invasion Comedy Show

On the 9th of August, 2009, I decided to play the caring husband by taking my wife to watch a comedy show which had been well advertised by major electronic media in Abuja: AY Live Abuja Invasion Comedy Show which is an annual gig by the enterprising and award winning comedian and entertainer, Ayo Makun. However the well attended show leaves much to be desired in terms of planning. The show which goes for N5, 000 for VIP seat and N3, 000 for popular side was supposed to start at 5 pm but did not commence until 6:30pm. Not only that; the hall was not opened to audience until 6pm while people were forced to queue like kindergarten pupils waiting for school assembly. When the hall was eventually opened, there was stampede as people surged to get in early in order to get a vantage point to seat.
By the time the show started at 6:30pm, it was obvious that the organisers had sold far more tickets than the Sheraton Hotel Halls can accommodate as almost half of the audience could not get a seat and had to stand up for almost three hours the show lasted. The promoter of the show informed us that there was another sizeable crowd outside who could not get in. He therefore mooted an idea of a second show. Naturally the audience disagreed because they suspected an attempt to cut short their fun in order to accommodate the second show which was not planned for. Again, there was no proper demarcation of the VIP seat neither was there any preferential treatment for them, even the AY Live magazine which was shared at the tail end of the programme were selectively distributed to anyone that catches the fancy of the ushers. The emcees of the show: Frank Edoho and Mercy Johnson were not called on the stage till almost an hour after the show had started, could it be that they came late for the show? Mercy’s dressing was something else; seductive and provocative, not something a good role model should promote. On the show proper, some of the jokes were jaded and dry. If the truth must be told however, the calibre of artistes on parade at the show was high.
I have a few suggestions for Ayo and his Abuja show promoter. Next time around, they should take their show to larger venue like the International Conference Centre or Abuja National Stadium. Better still, they should endeavour not to sell tickets above available seats. People should be allowed to take their seat once they have their tickets; the show should also start on time. It makes no sense starting late and then hurrying guest artistes through their acts. There should be proper demarcation of the VIP stand from the popular side. The AY magazine which was distributed while the show was on was a needless distraction and should have been given to the audience at the point of ticketing, entry or before the show commenced.